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From the moment we start walking, our lives involve taking a chance. It is an integral part of us that is etched into our very being. As long as there has been some sort of competitive activity, humans have managed to find a way to wager on the outcome. It is for this reason the authorities, having grown wary of any kind of organised gambling, have never been successful at eradicating it.

The advent of online casino in Malaysia has only added to the sense that this is an activity that has and always will be with us.

Live Dealer Casinos

The creation of casinos was a natural conclusion for gamblers of all kinds. Savvy businessmen realised quickly that by bringing it all under one roof there was great opportunity for them to streamline existing operations while evolving the entertainment aspect of it. This was of course at a time when society had clear divisions. The so called elite of society enjoyed their gambling sessions in exclusive premises and unlike today's Malaysia online casinos there were very clear rules as to who was eligible. Casino operators of the time had no choice but to play along because the games themselves were designed for the wealthy. Whether it was the buy-in amount or just simply the amounts wagered, there was a very small percentage of society that could participate. Of course this led them to get creative.

This need brought about the concept of casino comps and this would only expand to involve more and more casino promotion bonus for the players. Despite every attempt though, it became clear very quickly that significant expansion could never be realised without an equally significant growth in customers. As society opened up there were of course more and more people who were getting interested in gambling. Coupled with a growth in venues that supported gambling activities, this did address the need for more numbers to a small extent. However, this very quickly reached a point where the casinos were simply not able to meet the needs of a large - and growing - number of gamblers. Their fixed locations were simply too far for many players. Then there was resistance from the authorities. These were just some of the reasons that meant they were unable to capitalise on rapidly growing opportunities.

The Early Online Casinos

By the mid 90's, what started as a research project aimed at creating a defense network, had morphed into the commercial internet. This was a market like no other, offering a sellers an infinite reach to the customer. The playing field was suddenly levelled because the costs and infrastructure involved in bringing in customers was no more a factor.

The late 90's saw the introduction of multi player gaming in the video game industry. It was a significant eye opener to the opportunities available to bringing people from all over the world together. of the very first Internet poker room. The intention was of course to overcome the restrictions of location, but nobody could have anticipated the changes that would come and, more importantly, the speed with which things would pick up.

Long before there were any online casino in Malaysia, the issue of regulation was starting to take shape since Barbuda and Antigua began granting licences and within a few months the very first progressive jackpot slot games would be introduced. A year on from there, over 700 online casinos were already operating.

Suddenly many of the traditional barriers that had existed for so long were gone. Because players did not meet in person, people from all sections of society could play at the same table, if you like.

This was music to the ears of casino operators of course. This rapid expansion allowed operators to turn their focus to expanding their offerings. Online casinos were now an established entity and they were off and running.

The Modern Online Casino Malaysia Experience

The gambler of today is a far cry from those earlier punters. In the past a player visited a casino with a fairly clear idea of what they would be playing. They were there at the casino as much for the glitz and glamour, as they were to actually play. Today, without all the non-gambling distractions, the Malaysia online casino player has far more expectations from the gaming experience. It is no longer enough to just offer a game and expect people to keep coming. Due to the huge competition among online casinos the onus is now firmly on the operators to offer good value. The diversity of the clientele also means that games have evolved. At any given time an online casino has to cater to people of all ages from any part of the world. With a range of portable devices that are now a part of our lives, the online casino also has to be available anytime, anywhere.

The Yaboclub Advantage

We conceived this online casino due to our experience and love of gambling and as a result only expect the best ourselves. This is reflected in our Malaysia online casino.

We only work with the best game providers. Playtech, NetEnt, or 918Kiss are just very few of the examples of our top notch partners. These are among the most experienced game developers who are today recognised as the benchmark for online casino games.

Our games are available across a range of mobile devices, both android and iOS meaning players can enjoy their games anywhere they choose. This is not some watered down experience either. All the same features are available regardless of the device.

We only include the most reliable and secure payment processes. Players can enjoy their gaming with peace of mind.

We offer among the highest payouts in the industry along with a hassle free process when a player decides to cash out.

These are just some of the salient points that make us confident our players will be kept happy. And in the event of any hiccups, our friendly customer service representatives are always available to make sure this is the case.

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