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Slot Games

Let's be clear about one thing, there has never been a casino worth its name that did not have a slot machine. Casino Slot Machine Games have always been central to the excitement generated by these places. There is just no game at a casino which creates such a buzz among almost everyone. It is also probably the most accessible of games and you just never want to stop.

Let’s be clear about one thing, there has neverXE88 logo graphic

been a casino worth its name that did not have

a slot machine. Casino Slot Machine Games

have always been central to the excitement

generated by these places. There is just no

game at a casino which creates such a buzz among almost everyone. It is also probably the

most accessible of games and you just never

want to stop.


The Old One Armed Bandit


Joker slots logoSlots have been around for over a hundred

years and began their lives as very basic poker

machines. You could say they started the whole

idea of casino promotions because at the very

outset, winnings were often paid in benefits at

the bar or at the machine. There was no money paid out but a player would be offered perhaps a cigar and a drink. This of course meant the customer was still on hand to maybe try his luck again. But gambling just doesn’t have the same thrill without a clear win or loss. This became clear very quickly with slot games and the world was introduced to the iconic machine with three bars and a handle. 


To date there are still people for whom this is the image that comes to mind when slot games are mentioned. Their popularity took some time to grow as casino operators initially resisted including them. 


Early casinos were still a haven for high society and were mainly about the table games. These machines were found in parlours or shops where men would congregate during work breaks. It was in these humble surroundings that casino slot machine games would gain traction among the common people – something that continues to this day. As the need for growth became apparent, casinos relented and the slot machines found their rightful place. 


A match made in heaven


From the second they appeared in casinos, these machines would go on to capture the imagination of customers of all kinds. 


This was the first game with almost no restrictions for anybody. Money and access were required for sports bets. Even more money and social standing was required at the tables. These were games that required time and skill – not something that was readily available. 


Remember, this was a time before the internet and there were few people who were in the right place and had the resources to learn this skill. With the slot games you just needed one good working arm! There was simply no other game available that was this accessible and offered this constant one on one interaction. There was a constant surge of excitement because every turn was for the win. More than in any other game, the raw physical aspect of slot machine made players start to believe each machine was unique. 


There are numerous stories of players who felt they had some kind of control over the outcome of their casino slot machine games. Some people had detailed procedures just to choose a machine. Then there were those who had their favourites and would wait an age just to get a turn on their favourite or just one which had a reputation for great payouts. Such was the attraction of the infamous slot machine handle that it even survived the games turning electric when there was actually no need for the handle. Casinos were constantly evolving though and this would inevitably lead to changes in  Slot Machine Game online.


The Main Draw Evolves


As with the promoters of Online Casino Malaysia, Casino operators of the day undoubtedly saw the benefits of the slot machines. While there were certain obvious benefits that brought them into the casinos, the significant growth of players could never have been anticipated. Slot games simply had not generated the same excitement until they arrived at the casinos. It was therefore a foregone conclusion that the advent of online casinos would have slot games at the forefront.


Modern online casinos place great emphasis on slot games, sports betting and live casino Malaysia with good reason. While the games have XE88 casino slotsevolved to a point of being almost unrecognisable from their ancestors, the best game developers have also maintained some of the characteristics of the old games. You will still find the basic 3 row fruit machines as they were known available in digital form. 


However, this does not even begin to tell the story.


 Almost all online casino slot games today incorporate enviable video quality. The games are more akin to adventure games with detailed intros which draw you in. There are a huge number of celebrities, sport themes, animated characters and even a game modelled on the TV series South Park. Considering the popularity of online casinos, it goes without saying that there are countless online slot game developers available. Only a select few though can be rated cover all the important requirements and can be rated as the very best. 

The Best Online Casinos need the Best Game Developers


At YABOclub we are acutely aware of the importance of slot games. Furthermore, being recognised as one of the best  Online Casino Malaysia we have a duty to provide the best for our clients. One look at our selection of game providers will show you that we have done just that. We have Playtech, a name that needs no introduction. They are responsible for perennial favourites like Highway Kings and Sun Wukong – a particular favourite among  high payout slots games. We also provide games from Netent, UC8, Spadegaming, Joker or 918kiss and this is by no means all of them.


We can confidently say that playing the slots at 918kiss Malaysia top mobile online casino appYABOclub is a special experience. Our games, spread across six lounges and are available in a variety of languages to suit our clients. They are available across all your mobile devices because we understand that our clients want to play their games when and where they feel like. It is our mission to ensure that our clients are always enjoying themselves. This extends to services beyond just the games. We are always assessing our payment systems and the security of our site be there simply is no fun when clients have to worry about these things.