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Why do we go to casinos? You could spend a day getting your answers, but it always comes down to one thing – fun. Casinos are essentially about doing what comes naturally to us and that is taking a chance. Our appetite for risk is inherent to all of us but we do not want the negative kind. Which is why we love casinos. The sheer thrill and excitement of these storied places makes every visit unique and memorable. The sounds, the lights, the people from all over, all make it a must for us. But this just would not be the same without the casino slot machine games.

The early days of Slot Machines

Slot machines have been with us for more than a hundred years and today are a staple of all Singapore online casino. No casino – online or otherwise – would be worth its name without them. Beginning their life as simple poker gambling machines, there was nothing like automatic payouts mainly because in their original form there was no money involved. It could be said that they were simply a past-time to keep patrons entertained. A winner was anyone whose choices matched the hand that appeared on the machines. These people were rewarded with a drink or a cigar, but most often with a chance to play a few more rounds. In those early days of slot games the establishment decided who would play as there would invariably be only one machine. Nobody could imagine how popular they would become. Of course it did not take long for this popularity to grow and as soon as the technology was available, the one armed bandit was born. With their soon to be iconic three rows, these machines would rapidly start appearing at bars and tobacco shops among other places.

The Last Piece in the Jigsaw

By the time slot machines were becoming commonplace, the first form of casinos had already arrived and they quickly noticed. Suddenly casino operators saw a game that was completely different from anything that had come before. You did not need to learn a skill, have a lot of money or any other such prerequisite. Anyone could just walk in and have a go. It goes without saying that slot machines were very quickly incorporated into casinos and almost immediately took centre stage. In fact many people who know the history of casinos would argue that it was the slot machines that were the last piece in the jigsaw that made casinos the immense entertainment centres that they would become.

Why we all love slot games

Everybody loved them and there were a significant number of players who only came to the casino for the slot games. As an individual or even for groups, here was the only game where you could instantly win. And if not just keep trying for a fraction of the cost of any other games. A poker or baccarat player had to plan, strategise and most importantly have a significant amount of money. Not here. Also, something unique to casino slot machine games is that people over time began to feel they had some control over the outcome. The mechanical nature of the machine made it a very personal experience. It was noisy, colourful and when you won, the noise was like no other. The famous lever played a large part in this. This was to the extent that ever after the machines were electrified and worked with the push of a button, many of them retained the famous lever just for the attraction to players.

An Inevitable shift Online

Without the myriad distractions and obvious limitations of landed casinos, it was only natural that slot machines would become a staple of online casinos. With their focus solely on the gamblers the slot games provided casino operators with endless ways to innovate. And the internet was the perfect platform for this. Technology was growing in leaps and bounds and he video game industry was keeping right up. This provided the perfect opportunity for developers to divert resources into this new and rapidly growing form of entertainment.

The unique difference at YABOclub

At our Singapore online casino we have done just that. As one of the very best online casinos available, we are very proud of the endless options we have for you. There are choices for everyone here. Whether you choose the options from Playtech, Netent, Spadegaming or Spinomenal, you are only choosing from the very best. Here we are talking about developers that have the experience and know how to ensure a supremely safe and reliable gaming environment where you, the player, do not have to worry about anything at all. Added to this, as a Singapore online casino with a sterling reputation, we ourselves ensure that our payment processes meet and exceed industry standards.

And of course there are the games themselves. No more are you limited to just three rows of mainly fruits. There are celebrities, characters from history, famous animated characters, the list is endless. And with technology today, each game has a little difference, meaning our players are never short of something new to experience.

As with all our other offerings, we are focussed on providing great value. While we of course have maintained some games that have the classic 3 rows, the most popular versions today come with five rows. Players can further customise this to match their level of risk. With this variety of ways to customise your gaming experience comes the added benefit of numerous ways to win. And who does not like increased chances to win?

At YABOclub customers come first

Across all our games we have the same end goal. We want happy customers. And this is no different with our casino slot machine games. As a top online casino we are completely confident that this will be the case. However, we know that there always going to be circumstances where something will crop up. For this we have got our customer representatives who are always available to attend to any of your needs. Don’t forget to grab a casino promotion bonus and maximize your enjoyment.