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Survival is a function of chance.

It takes a special understanding of the world around us to realise that the world is a function of chance. The origin of life, or the Big Bang, was as much a function of chance as anything since – the right combination of elements, permutations, conditions to obtain a result – sometimes desirable, sometimes not. But such is chance.


Placing a wager in sports is most likely the oldest form of betting known to man. Long before any kind of organised gambling was around, spectators at almost any kind of competition would be seen placing bets on the outcome. The Greeks did it at the early Olympics, the Romans did it while watching battles at the Coliseum and history shows us this habit never stopped. The unpredictable nature of sports has always thrown up a challenge for people to see if they can predict the outcome.

The Evolution of the Sportsbook

Over time this need has grown more and more and today we see no end of theories and practices related to our need to predict favourable outcomes from seemingly random behaviour. We love surprises – just not nasty ones. The huge popularity of betting could never go unnoticed for long and very soon would lead to the beginning of organised betting – or as we call it today at online casino in Malaysia, the Sportsbook.


The History of Malaysia sports bettingMalaysia sports betting

The first sportsbooks were for individual sports. Most popular in horse racing, the “bookie” was the person running around placing bets on behalf of individuals. The small fee involved was seen as justified so the bettor could sit back and enjoy the sport instead of waiting about to place their bets. It would not be long before this practice became widespread in other sports. 

As soon as any sporting activity became popular enough, you could be sure some form of organised betting would not be far behind. Of course these early sportsbooks were very often independently run. The need to make operations more professional became apparent. Most governments were starting to take notice of gambling activities and increasingly strict regulations were being implemented. 

The Rise of Organised Sportsbooks

This of course provided the opportunity for the rise of organised legal sportsbooks.  

The authorities knew only too well that there was no way to stop an activity that was almost as old as history. However, in the early days this was often see as the “common man’s” pastime and for this reason sportsbooks were kept separate from casinos. Unlike today’s online casino in Malaysia, the casinos of old were seen as the place to be for high society and this small network was keen to maintain exclusivity as a private club for people to bet on their favorite Malaysia slots games and live dealer casino games. Of course this would never last. The sheer scale of sports betting meant that it was too lucrative a business to ignore. So, in a short time, sportsbooks became a part of the growing casino business. This was at a time when there were already many restrictions to entry at casinos. These luxury venues had to maintain a level of exclusivity while still bringing in the gamblers and this left many people out. Once again this would quickly lead to an explosion in illegal gambling of all sorts. Over the years entrepreneurs and authorities worldwide have constantly sought new ways to grow the gambling business. Whether it was new locations, freebies, marketing campaigns, they have never stopped trying to grow the business, while keeping it within existing laws. 

The Modern Day Sportsbook

Then came the internet. There has not been a greater invention for the world of gambling than the internet. Until the rise of the Malaysia online casino, their location, operating times, who could play, were always restricted by the existing laws among other considerations. 

Suddenly, anyone could join in. 

For the first time a whole generation of people, who in the past would have had no access at all to casinos, could now play. Operators also saw another first – now people coming to play one particular game, were suddenly exposed to a whole new collection of games and this only added to the exponential growth of online casinos. Technological advances also meant that there was simultaneously a rapid growth in sports broadcasting. It was a natural progression that once again meant live access to sport was now everywhere. There was a growing need for a secure, reliable sports betting system.

The YABOclub Advantage

YABOclub online casino in Malaysia does just this. 

With a diverse range of sports on offer, we are confident there is something for you. As a standard across our games, we believe our players should always have real-time information and all the accompanying information that they need to make their bets. We know a winning bet makes a happy bettor, so we provide every opportunity for ours to better their odds. 

And we don’t stop there. 

There are a variety of ways to place bets and we are flexible with the times. So plan ahead or jump in at the last minute. It’s in your hands. We understand the mindset of the sports bettor. They need time for the important things and it is paramount that they have as few distractions as possible. And we provide this from the get-go. From the moment you enter our sportsbook everything is easily available. A wealth of information, presented along with detailed, up to date analysis of each sport or team. 

As is the nature of sports, there will be times when odds are fairly even. For this we offer our parlay bets. This always provides a great option to heighten the odds and make the whole experience more thrilling.

YABOclub: a Reliable, Secure Betting Environment

Online casino in Malaysia are not unlike their counterparts everywhere. As the industry has matured, the clientele have grown more demanding in their requirements. Players expect a reliable and secure environment when it comes to gambling time. 

At YABOclub we are well aware of this. It is among our defining reasons for setting up our casino. As seasoned gamblers ourselves, we take for granted that our system must reliable and constantly secure. We offer a variety of methods when a client deposits funds with us that are all known in the industry for their reliability and safety. 

YABOclub: Hassle Free Payouts

Similarly, when it comes to withdrawing your winnings we know you want it simple. Our payouts are regular and hassle free. Our clients should be playing winning and very importantly, having a great time with the best Malaysia online casino promotions. And if you ever find yourself in a spot, we have our great customer service representatives available at any time to help you.